Trucking Accidents

In Texas, accidents involving large trucks happen frequently, especially in industrial areas and on highways. Although the specific causes of trucking accidents vary, below are the common causes of trucking accidents.

Failure to Maintain

Trucks are used regularly for long-distance trips, and are so large and complicated, that they need extensive maintenance and repairs on a regular basis due to the number of miles they travel and the amount of time they are being driven. The tires, engine, and braking systems, for example, must be inspected and repaired often in order to stay in compliance with state and federal laws. Failure to properly maintain a commercial truck can cause a breakdown or malfunction that results in a tragic accident.

Drunk Driving Truck Accidents

Although drunk drivers of cars are dangerous, a drunk truck driver is even more dangerous than your average motorist, and should never be behind the wheel of a truck. A large truck driven by a drunk truck driver can be more destructive than any car, and can cause serious injuries or death. That is why commercial truck drivers are held to a high standard regarding alcohol consumption and driving. Unfortunately, vany drivers still take the risk and consume alcohol, which often times results in an accident causes severe injury or wrongful death.

Truck Accident Injuries

Some injuries caused in truck accidents can be minor, such as bruising, hairline fractures, or a slight concussion. However, most of these accidents often can result in catastrophic injury, such as severe broken bones, paralysis, burn injuries, neck and back injuries, and brain damage or death.

Tired Driver

Truck drivers can legally remain behind the wheel for as many as 14 hours before stopping to rest. They are also required to take a mandatory 10 hour rest break between shifts, but many drivers may not follow these regulations or may not use all of that time to sleep. A lot of drivers are under a lot of pressure to make their deliveries on time, and are willing to forego sleep or adequate rest. This can result in fatigue, which can inhibit the driver just as much as alcohol or drugs.

Truck Driver Negligence

Most truck accidents are the result of negligence, particularly on the part of the driver. Drinking and driving, fatigue, talking on the phone, unsafe lane changes, or failure to maintain their vehicle can all lead to a catastrophic accident and serious injury.

Truck Rollovers

Commercial trucks are much more likely to tip over than smaller vehicles. Trucks are tall and are not as stable as a small car, and it is difficult to recover from a sharp turn or swerve. Causes for such accidents include steep hills, sharp turns, unsecure cargo, high winds, and much more. These accidents can cause severe crushing injuries and other damages.

Unsafe Lane Changes

Semi trucks are notorious for their large blind spots. Even so, truck drivers can be negligent and reckless when changing lanes. If they failed to take the necessary precautions before changing lanes and hit your car as a result, it is vital that you hire a lawyer to preserve evidence and win your claim.

Unsecure Cargo

Truck drivers and their companies must follow federal regulations regarding the loading and securing of cargo. Failure to comply with these regulations could cause spills or sloshing that makes roadways dangerous, hits other vehicles behind the truck, or causes the truck to roll over. Victims of any such accident have every right to file a claim against the driver and the commercial carrier.

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